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Hello!  I'm Kathy, the author of this blog.  

I was born in Carmel, Indiana as the first of 4 children.  I have 2 brothers and finally, when I was 14, was blessed with a sister too! My most vivid memories growing up are of our family vacations, in particular camping and house boating at Lake Cumberland in Kentucky.  After high school, I was eager to be on my own and I went to Purdue University to study Mechanical Engineering.  

My dad and I at the lake

Ryan was born in northern Indiana; 2 weeks after me.  He is an only child and grew up spending lots of time with his buddy Ross and at the lake cottage.  He also went to Purdue to study Mechanical Engineering.  We finally crossed paths sophomore year through mutual friends; we lived in the same dorm and had the same classes.  I graduated in December of 2003 and started working in Indianapolis while Ryan completed his Master's Degree.  


After dating for 6 years, we got married in 2006.  We honeymooned in Maui and bought our first home a few months later. Together we enjoyed spending time with friends and family, walking, working on house projects, playing board games, cooking, and playing disc golf. 

Our wedding day

Our first baby was due in April of 2009, but things didn't go as planned when Andrew was born 14-weeks premature (at 2 lb 3 oz) in December of 2008.  My faith, my husband, my family, and friends got me through that most trying time in my life.   Although I started this blog prior to my pregnancy, this is when my real passion for photography began.  It was amazing and therapeutic to document our son's growth with photos.  I also loved being able to share images of my bubble boy with our friends over the 1.5 years that he was hospitalized and then protected from the world's germs! 

Grow baby grow

After a 17 week hospital stay, our prayers were answered when our baby boy came home.  Our first wire-tube-free walk in the fresh air was as amazing as I'd dreamed it would be.  I'm not sure we fully understand at the time how this experience would affect us over the coming years.  Our little Peanut is now 3 1/2 years old and is an amazing, smart little boy.  I'm not sure I've ever seen a happier kid (or a kid who loves cars more than he does!)

Andrew at age 22 months

After many discussions with our doctors and a fairly intricate plan in place, we put our faith in God once more and were blessed with another pregnancy.  Our second little miracle was born at 35 weeks and 4 days.  He wasn't term, but he was fairly darn healthy at 7 lb 1 oz, had no NICU time, I got to hold him on his 2nd day of life, and he joined our family at home within a week.  Praise God!  Elliott is now 1 years old, spunky, cute, and a perfect little brother for our big brother. 

Elliott at 2 days old

As of about 2 years ago, I am a stay-at-home mom to these 2 little guys.  I've dabbled in different areas of photography, but my favorite area is documenting the sweet, cute, funny, quirky, everyday moments.  I keep my camera on our island and grab it when I want to freeze a certain expression, an interaction between the kids, an activity we did, or a memory. 

May 2012 - credit to: Jacquie Carman Photography

I'm so blessed with my amazing little family.  Special thanks to my husband who is always going out of his way to make us happy and continues to be my best friend. 

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