Thursday, December 1, 2016

November photos

Night night!

Election day (They voted for PJ day at school!)

Veteran's Day program at school (Andrew was too far away!)

Working together to make paper airplanes.

We'll take unseasonably warm Novembers every year, please!

Visiting Great Grandma!

Elliott's project for school - a turkey disguised as Kylo Ren.

Another craft from school!

Turkey Day!

Elliott has been reading up on magic tricks...he's quite proud of himself!

Andrew was quite proud of his pinball machine :)

Teaching Elliott how to draw circuits.

Elliott hasn't taken this Santa hat off since he found is was doing his homework, writing about his Holiday traditions.

We went to Christmas in the Village for the first time!

Last night I was cooking dinner and I heard the boys doing flash cards having a grand old time:) I guess Andrew thought Elliott should start preparing for Rocket Math.


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