Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy 8th Birthday, Andrew!

Andrew is 8 years old, I can't even believe it!

At 8 years old Andrew:
-Loves biking, drawing, pizza, Snap Circuits, Legos, Q-Ba-Maze (marble tower), Star Wars, Gymnastics, playing in the sand box, shoveling snow, swimming, non-fiction books, his family and friends, the Monon Center's Central Park playground, and Sunday School
-"I want to be a math teacher, physicist, chemist, or Snap Circuit designer for Elenco" when he grows up.  Last week he told his pediatrician he wanted to be a "physicist, chemist, or maybe an engineer or an electrician!" so he's keeping his options open ;)
-If he could change anything about the World, Grandma & Grandpa would move to Carmel
-His favorite book is The Illustrated Dictionary of Science and The Way Things Work
-What he loves about school: "Everything." (WOW, such changes from last year!!)
-Particularly interested in circuits, gears, robots, and machines
-Wears a 7 slim pant, 7 or 8 shirt, size 1.5 shoe, 50 lbs, 48.5 inches
-Favorite games: Gravity Maze, Mouse Trap, and video games
-Favorite color is red
-If he could teleport to any 3 places he would go to Grandma Beth's house, wherever his best friend is, and to see God.
-Something new he wants to learn: "Lego Mindstorms"
-What makes me special: "That I am a really kind person"
-At 8 Andrew is very inquisitive, busy, sweet, affectionate, and curious.  He will talk your ear off about circuits :) He doesn't stop building building building during the day and he reads every night in bed before falling asleep!


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