Tuesday, August 16, 2016

St. Joe, Michigan

For Andrew's 5th birthday we took him to Chicago (and left baby brother at home) - to celebrate Elliott's 5th he really wanted to go to St. Joe Michigan after seeing some photos online.  The playground on the beach was the selling point, although they didn't end up playing there much because they found the huge beach and "ocean" (Lake Michigan) to be so much fun.  Highly recommend for a quick family getaway!

First time going in the waves:

Eating Silver Beach pizza on the beach. A friend recommend a beach tent and it was really nice to have.

We loved our hotel, The Boulevard Inn, and the view was pretty cool!

A little wild at the hotel :)

Walking out to the St. Joseph Lighthouse.

On the pier.

Silver Beach Carousel

We rented a surry, which is a fun way to see the town.

Last morning!

Hey!  They are both in the water :-) It felt a little warmer the last day, or maybe we just got used to it!

Kilwin's sugar high is a must!

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