Monday, August 8, 2016

Kindy orientation, last day of summer vacation, & more back-to-school stuff!

Whew!  Back-to-school fun is done and the big day is tomorrow!  Both kids fell asleep immediately tonight after a very fun day, but I'm happy that they don't seem anxious about tomorrow.  Andrew loved his teacher and has several sweet friends in his class, and Elliott is nothing but excited.  He has the same teacher Andrew had, and has met a couple new friends in class at the pool this summer!  I'm definitely less ready than they are!

First I leave you with this picture of Elliott from his first day of preschool, 21 months old.  He started early because he was in OT, PT, and ST...he has come so far!

Last week, Elliott had kindergarten orientation. He was just elated the entire time.  He got to ride the bus around the block for practice.

Today was our last day of summer vacation so I let the boys pick what we did.  First we went to Square Donuts and to the library to claim their last prizes for the reading program. Then we went to the pool to swim and eat lunch (Jimmy Johns, their favorite.)

Tonight was the ice cream social!  Andrew was so excited to show Elliott around.  

Our little Elliott fish found his spot :)

Of course, I took some kindergarten pictures of Elliott like I did for Andrew.  Here is a comparison with both kiddos too! Here is Andrew's post the night before kindergarten :)

Picture over load, I know I know.  So fun!  I have a huge list of things to catch up on, plan to volunteer a lot, and will be looking for a very part time job so I can still spend lots of time with my favorite little people :)


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