Friday, August 12, 2016

2nd grade & Kindergarten!

The boys started school Tuesday.  I am so encouraged by how well this week has gone and excited to see what they learn this year! 

They both said they want to be scientists when they grow up.  Most days, Elliott says he wanted to be a rocket designer that also uses a 3-D printer, but he really idolizes big brother :)


You can totally see his confidence growing in these photos!!

I got to volunteer at school to help lead the kindergartners from the bus to their classrooms. It was so cute!  Elliott has been sitting with a new friend on the bus, and they also happened to have seats next to each other in class!

Kindergarten parade on the 2nd day of school - fired up for another day!

On the first day Andrew was sad because he saw me helping the younger kids but didn't get to say hi (oops), and I saw him and his friend Westley holding hands in the hall.  Westley was telling him a story and making him laugh :) 


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