Friday, July 1, 2016

June photos

I have been having fun taking a few more pictures than usual since both of the kids are home for the summer!  We kicked off the summer with a trip to DC (my brother got married!) but I'll post those in another post. The boys are having so much fun hanging out together and are at a fun age to do things!  Summer vacation is flying by and it needs to slow down!

Hiking at Eagle Creek with friends

The boys with my Godfather, Uncle Bob, at the Indiana reception for Nick & Marisa.

Water fun

Strawberry picking!

They have been hanging out in the hammock quite a bit!

In the past we haven't gone to the pool much, but this year the boys are really loving it and having fun swimming!  They have taken a couple week of lessons this month and both can swim and float independently.  Andrew likes to go underwater all the time, and Elliott is less confident (he can't touch in the shallow end of our pool!), but they want to practice every day!

Ryan and I on our 10 year anniversary :)

Enjoying summer evenings!

Andrew made the boys laptops (complete with a working latch!) and they have been taking them everywhere. They even wanted to take them in the grocery store.  They pretend to download games and such, it's kind of funny. Yesterday they were sitting in lawn chairs on the front porch "working"...

We also made a quick trip up to the lake!

Andrew turned 7.5 on June 30th!


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