Saturday, July 30, 2016

July in photos

Exploring new parks

Thanks to my mom for this picture!

Andrew has really gotten into reading out loud :)

Goggles in the shower :)

"Elliott, smile!"

Andrew started drum lessons.  He seriously loves it and his teacher.  I am surprised at how much he has learned about music in 2 sessions!

The boys had another week at VBS and then this week STEM camp!

Found Elliottbee hard at work.

Andrew did his first huge Lego kit! He was so proud of himself!  Elliott checked over his shoulder the entire time :)

Andrew is very into organizing and working at his desk in his room.  He has started labeling everything in his room and says he is very responsible. :) He loves to empty his trash can into the garbage even if it isn't full.

Serious game of Battleship.

Our babies are growing.

And when we weren't doing all of that, we were swimming...:) All that jumping and Elliott is on the mend from a bad case of swimmer's ear!


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