Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday, Elliott!

Happy 5th Birthday Elliott!

It seems like yesterday we were hoping and praying to keep this boy baking in my belly despite a high risk pregnancy...praying for a healthy little baby.  Our prayers were answered and despite a little early start, Elliott is such a happy and thriving little boy.  He's hilarious, enthusiastic, and truly joyful.  He's sensitive, detail-oriented, very very very very chatty, orderly, always in motion, thoughtful and spunky.

A 5 years:
*Elliott is 39 lbs, wears 4 or 5 slim pants, size 2 and a few 3 shorts, wears a size 5T shirt, size 10 shoe

*favorite color is blueish green.

*What makes you happy? "When Andrew hugs me and plays with me."

*He dislikes being on stage, salad dressing, not matching, when Andrew wants alone time, when Andrew breaks his Lego kits, getting his face wet, if he wakes up after Andrew has gotten on the bus

*"I want to be an astronaut when I grow up so I can't go to jail and I also want to see the moon."

*"My favorite place is Jimmy Johns!"

*His favorite thing is playing board games, he LOVES them and would play all day every day if possible.

*He loves Star Wars, Lego kits, X-wing, coloring, Mario, puzzles, playing baby town with Andrew, but mostly, he just wants to be with friends or family hanging out.  He's always up for anything.

*"If I could change something about the World, I would turn the houses into ginormous trampolines so we could jump everywhere." (Note to self: I must take him to Sky Zone...)

*Favorite thing to do with Mommy: snuggle.  Favorite thing to do with Daddy: play games.

*What do you want to learn to do this year? "I'd like to learn to read books better. "

*What are you the best at? "Using my manners."

*What are you proud of? "I'm good at playing games."

*What do you love most about yourself? "I'm funny!"

*What makes you nervous? "Nothing.  (pause) Actually, ghosts."

6/2/16 - At 5 years Elliott is 39 lb (36th%) and 42.5 inches tall (40th%)


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