Tuesday, May 24, 2016

April & May photos

Reading with Daddy

With Grandpa!

Elliott found a baby turtle at the lake.

Friday night picnic at the park!

Playing X-wing (their favorite)

I caught Andrew telling Elliott a secret.

Showing off to his friend but he otherwise won't try again :) He'd rather sit and chat.

Andrew's 7 year NICU homecoming anniversary :)

Cranium with Grandma and Grandpa.

Andrew loves to play tennis.

Legos every.single.day.

Daddy did his hair :)

Designing and drawing robots with Daddy!


Jedi in training

Elliott at his spring program.

Lost his top tooth!  He came home from school and said "Hey Mom, My tooth was bothering me at lunch so I just pulled it out and put it in my lunch box."

And then later that afternoon he flipped his scooter and knocked out his other front tooth.

Light saber wars

The last boy scout meeting

Enjoying my birthday gift :)

Happy Mother's Day!


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