Thursday, March 17, 2016

Feburary and March photos

Here are some everyday photos from the rest of our winter (February through mid-March)...this means spring is coming! Hooray!!

Driving Daddy's old R.C. monster truck.  He's loved this since he was little :-)

The boys have been spending a lot of time in their "office" making all of the things...masks, instruments, paper airplanes, etc.

Elliott was quite proud of the R2D2 mask he made.

Andrew attempting to fly the kite he made. (We just got a library book about kite construction to try again!)

Baking Scotcheroos for Super Bowl Sunday!

Really hoping this was the last snow...

A little downtime after school

Ryan and Elliott before Dad's night at preschool.  Elliott was so excited.

2 peas in a pod...

I wasn't quite ready for this picture but liked it anyways :-)

Andrew playing an alien version of Operation at his school carnival

Checking out Flat Fort Creek Park with Grandma Beth

Elliott was pumped to go with me macro photo hunting the other day.  I have plans to take him on a macro hike soon and I can't wait!

He looks much older to me suddenly.

Spring, here we come!!

(These photos were taken with a mixture of lenses and cameras. Some of my 60d and some with my point and shoot!  I haven't taken that many photos lately, but that is starting to change with the nicer weather.) :)


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