Tuesday, February 2, 2016

December and January everyday photos

they spend SO much time building Legos!

playing new board games in our new sleeping bags over Winter Break

celebrating Andrew's birthday & a belated Christmas with Ryan's parents

enjoying our last day of winter vacation

girl's getaway to Brown County, we woke up to snow!

we got more snow!

warming up with some tortellini soup, courtesy of Elliott :)

mining for diamonds at the park

perfect packing snow...the first time Andrew helped!

fit in our sledding trip to West Park!

andrew preferred to body surf down the hill...

elliott has been asking for a while to make a dream catcher...he loved it!

the future of Veridian Dynamics...

"droids (and robots) only"

proud of his Lego project

warm enough for the park!!

this one is quite the character...

100th day of school celebration, he was so excited to dress like his Great Grandpa (95)


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