Sunday, January 24, 2016

Pinewood Derby

Andrew competed in his first Pinewood Derby today.  He spent a little time each weekend in January working on his car.  He started by making a plan, he drew his shape, cut with a coping saw, painted, put on the wheels, and added weight (in the disguise of engines).  Ryan helped with some of the work (it was a lot for a 1st grader!) along the way but tried to let it be Andrew's project!

Andrew loved watching the cars race.  I am glad he had fun today because this is the reason he wanted to try Scouts.  He came in 6th in Tigers, somewhere in the middle.

His plan:

Cutting out the shape:

Ryan helping with the tricky cuts:


Painting and Elliott overlooking which is appropriate since he cannot wait to do Scouts:

Ready to rock:

Race Day!!

Let the race begin!

All of the Pinewood Derby pictures are here!


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