Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday, Andrew!

At 7 years old, Andrew:

*absolutely loves off-roading on his bike
*favorite food is pizza
*activities are Sunday school, Tiger/Boy Scouts, and Hippotherapy
*loves Minecraft, Pokemon, Mario, and Star Wars
*loves building Legos (but prefers to make own creations to kits)
*plays his keyboard (belong to his Great Grandpa Jack) multiple times a day
*we visited the piano shop on his birthday and his favorite is the 100 year old grand
*becoming creative with building and playing
*books on his night stand: How Things Work, Inventions, The Bible, Human Body Book, Time Life's Sound & Hearing
*particularly interested in machines, instruments (especially grand pianos), and anatomy
*loves all things snow
*says he's a scientist
*on Saturday mornings, he brings me little notes or Lego ships and puts them on my night stand 
*sleeps with his dog Pineapple, nickname Piney
*despises having his picture taken, doesn't like movies
*wears size small boy clothing (or size 6 or 7), size 13.5 shoe, 47 lbs, 46.57 inches (25% in height)



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