Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Elliott is 4 1/2!

Elliott is 4 1/2 years old today!  The last 6 months have been the fastest ever.

At 4 1/2 Elliott loves Legos, eating, following Andrew around, digging in the sand box, board games, coloring and drawing, school, his scooter, Mario/video games, building all of the forts (multiple times a day), and cooking/baking.

Elliott's favorite color is still green.  He is very spunky, silly, emotional, competitive, and sweet as pie.  He is very thoughtful.  He never stops talking and always wants to be the center of attention.  He has a shy side now, but he's an extrovert and will tell you he needs no "alone time" :) It seems to be the case as he's happiest when he's hanging out with someone, even if it's helping with laundry. He is a bit of a perfectionist and will drive himself crazy at times! We're working on it!

He is around 37 lbs.  He wears size 4 or 5 shirt and size 4 pants.  He seems like he has shot up but I'm not sure how tall he is!

He is starting to sound out words.  This week he has sounded out several on his own like blue, car, truck, dirty, play, snack, etc.

He says he wants to be a Daddy when he grows up.  If you ask how he'll make money, he says he will run a 3D printer and design and print toys.

He wants to go to kindergarten next year "because I like to learn new things" but we haven't 100% decided yet since he'll be a young 5!

Elliott says his dislikes are not having enough time to eat lunch at school, Ranch, jumping into lakes, and going to coffee shops because they smell stinky.

(Andrew at 5, Elliott at 4 1/2 years)


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