Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hiking at McCormick's Creek / Wolf Cave

The boys and I have been having a fun summer vacation together. They seem so much older than last summer and day trips are much easier!  Last week we had a free day so I decided to take them hiking at McCormick's Creek and we asked Grandma Julie to join us.  We did trails 3 & 5, including Wolf Cave, and had a picnic.  Andrew ran most of the 3+ miles and both boys loved the cave.  On the way home, we stopped at Gray Brothers Cafeteria for some pie.  It was a great day.

Trail 3 was "rugged" and that was an accurate description I think.  Trail 5 was "moderate" but it was actually a really flat/easy 2 miles with a few areas to step over stones in the creek.  The cave (optional) was windy and narrow inside, and at one point you have to crawl on your stomach. I had to take off my backpack to get through. The boys weren't scared but ideally we should have each had our own flashlight.

Lots and lots and lots of steps.  Andrew was counting spiders.

At the entrance of Wolf Cave:

On the other side!

Next, a little spot to rest and throw rocks in the creek

On the trail again

Getting a little slap happy...(pretending to be a train)

I made them take a nice photo :)


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