Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Andrew is 6.5 today

How did 6 months already pass?

I'll be honest and say 6 years old has been a complete roller coaster for this guy.  It's been a whirlwind of appointments, new doctors, resulting in 4 formal diagnoses.  It seems like he is at an age where there are some pretty tough demands (not the least of which is paying attention all day at school!) ....In some ways he has blossomed so much and yet the demands of being 6 has also brought his weaknesses to light.  We've made several changes lately and hoping he'll soar right into first grade this fall.

At 6.5 some new things:
-Andrew reads his How Things Work book every day.  He loves to learn about machines, especially engines and anything related (pistons, drivelines, brakes, etc)

-He is starting to find things around the house to build his own contraptions.  I'm thinking he might enjoy Rube Goldberg  ;)

-He now asks questions all day long, usually about science (animals, space, the human body), machines, or about God.  He doesn't ask "why" but usually "how".  "How does X do X."

-He absolutely loves to draw and color. He is very proud of his art.

-He's confident on his 2 wheel bike now.

-He is very proud of his new-found love of going underwater - he can go to the bottom of the pool!  He's so close to floating & swimming.

-He discovered fishing and LOVES going to the lake.  He keeps telling me he wants to go to the lake every day and stay forever.

-Is back in Hippotherapy after asking to go back because he loves horses and wants to be a cowboy. He's also doing a social skill camp riding horses, so he rides twice a week.  He loves riding.

-Loves mini golf, Nintendo, Pokemon, fishing, bikes, hiking, going out to eat, Trader's Point The Park, horses, dogs, babies, pizza, playing his keyboard, mac & cheese


Kim July 8, 2015 at 11:30 PM  

Thinking of you Kathy. It seems there's a big jump that happens around 6ish for sure. D is heading off to Kindergarten in the fall and the expectations just keep climbing.

I'm sure it was both hard and helpful adding to the alphabet soup. Hope things go well for Andrew next year.

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