Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday, Elliott!

Our sweet little boy turned 4 today! I'm so proud of Ellio.  He makes me smile every day.  Today he asked if his Grandma Jim should help open his presents because it's his birthday today too. (Happy birthday, Dad!)

At 4 years old, Elliott....
*is extremely thoughtful, spunky, enthusiastic, and goofy
*wears 4T and 5T shirts, is mostly back in 2T shorts (!), 4T pants, squeezing in his size 9 shoes
*wants to go to school (extended day) every single day
*go with the flow (happy doing most anything), but very very particular and outspoken
*always prefers to be around people, but is developing a shy side!
*favorite food is (he can't really  narrow it down) :)
*when asked what food he doesn't like "I didn't use to like ranch, but now I do."
*favorite song is Prettiest Weed
*instead of saying something is his favorite, he says "it's my best"
*he is usually careful, deliberate, and detail oriented
*asked to take his training wheels off a few weeks ago (but asked to put them back on after wiping out)
*loves his scooter, kicks his leg way up a la a figure skater, but flips his scooter daily (hence the scabbed up nose, not his best fall)
*favorite toy is his dragon excavator (he doesn't believe me that it's a dinosaur)
*favorite color is green
*wears his dinosaur hat almost every day
*loves to be funny, hates to be on stage
*doesn't like heights or getting his face wet or being dirty
*loves to help cook and clean
*if he is alone, he can usually be found doing a puzzle, building something, playing make believe, or drawing
*loves trains, bugs, board games, being with Andrew, shopping, the library, bubbles, Nintendo, PBS kids, Legos, Tinker Toys
*36 lb (54%) and 39.5 inches (32%) as of May 21st!

(last night as a 3 year old) "I'm going to be 4 tomorrow!"


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