Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring Break - St. Louis

Over Spring Break we spent the first half of the week playing at home and the last 2 nights we spent in St. Louis.  Here is a brief overview of our trip.  Big thanks to my friend Jen for her help in planning.

-We stayed at the Drury Plaza Hotel at the Arch. It was very convenient and the free breakfast & dinner meals made it so nice traveling with kids.  The hotel was neat and clean.

-Day 1: We caught the trolley ($5 for our family) and rode it to the City Museum.  We were there for maybe 4 hours, then went back to the hotel to have dinner, swim, and relax.  I had heard mixed reviews on appropriate ages for this museum, mostly hearing recommendations for kids around age 7, but both of our boys LOVED it and were able to enjoy much of the museum.  Andrew wanted to do this every day of our trip and it was pretty much his dream come true.  Elliott (3.5) had no problem keeping up but has a very adventurous personality.  We will definitely make a trip back specifically to go to this museum.  It is difficult to explain how insane this museum is.  Everywhere you look there are secret pages, caves, tunnels, climbing tubes in the "sky", slides, ramps, tree houses...the boys did great sticking together and had a blast exploring together.  (We did write phone numbers on their hands just in case, because you can't be by their side or see them all of the time!)  A friend gave me a tip to go hands free and I was so glad I did, and therefore no pictures to share!  Also, wear tennis shoes.  Some kids wore head lamps as a portion of the museum is quite dark!

Andrew loved the trolley, we had to ride it twice :) 

-Day 2: We went to the St. Louis Zoo (free!), a picnic lunch, then the Transportation Museum.

We did the Children's Zoo (petting zoo area) first because it is free the first hour.  Then we took our time walking around the grounds.  The big hits were the bug exhibit, petting zoo, and snakes.  The zoo is spread out and it's very pretty.

Elliott loved the transportation museum - we got to walk around and in a bunch of train cars, basically.  Andrew was a bit bored, he prefers a more hands on museum, however we missed the memo on Creation Station which he would have loved there.

We saved the Science Center, Grant's Farm, and Magic House for our next trip to St. Louis!

Here are some other pictures from our trip.  All of the pictures are here!

Waiting for the trolley, Andrew doing his happy dance when the trolley showed up!

Teaching Elliott how to play Go Fish.


QuatroMama April 24, 2015 at 12:13 PM  

Sooooooo glad you enjoyed it too! Such a fantastic place for families and hope we get to go back soon too!

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