Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

St. Nick's day fell on a weekend this year, so we had a fun and busy day celebrating!

After school yesterday, the boys and I made snowman luminaries.  They loved it.  

Last night, we had hot cocoa with whipped cream.  They pretty much just eat the (chocolate) whipped cream off the top :) 

Then they got to have their first sleepover!   Thanks to my parents for the bunk bed mattress!  Of course Andrew fell asleep first and Elliott kept talking to him even when he was asleep. 

Snapshot from early this morning!  (Elliott had to get something to stand on so he could see in his stocking.)  This year St. Nick brought Elliott a Transformers ornament and Andrew a bicycle ornament...they were so excited.


Then we went to breakfast with Santa.   After getting candy in their stockings, they had Cocoa Puffs mixed with Fruit Loops with french toast for breakfast and later decorated cookies.  Now, they want Cocoa Puffs for Christmas. Andrew was bouncing off the walls by about 11:00. :) 

Andrew immediately jumped on Santa's lap and hung out for a while (he asked for a race car).  

Elliott was like "um, I don't think so." 

But he went just close enough to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas (a Dino Bot Transformer). (And then a little closer to Mrs. Claus to get some candy...)

They got balloons - Andrew picked a cat and Elliott picked a sword. 

Big tree!

Mmmm sugar!

They had fun making crafts.


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