Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Andrew is 6 years old!

Andrew turned 6 yesterday!

Andrew enjoyed his Transformers celebration and loved his cake.  His choice was a mint chocolate chip brownie ice cream cake -- he has his mommy's taste buds :)

At 6, Andrew:
*loves school, especially computer lab
*loves to play keyboard, he's been asking to play trumpet, frequently sings solos in music class
*still is most passionate about cars
*loves to pretend to be the teacher
*wears 5-6 shirts, size 5 boy pants, and size 12 shoe
*loves babies and dogs, is very sweet with them
*sometimes gives hugs to people he meets in public (he tried to kiss the cashier last week)
*loves to strike up conversations with people he doesn't know when we run errands.  he always makes people smile at the store when we walk away and he says "thank you Gina" or "thanks for the sample (at costco), Lisa!"  he notices everyone's name and is so friendly :)
*needs a lot of exercise (has a LOT of energy)
*his favorite place is still Chicago
*loves to ride his bike and scooter
*loves to shovel or plow snow
*a very loving big brother
*loves his Minds in Motion class (like gymnastics) and proud that he can do a forward roll
*loves to draw and write
*loves his stuffed dog Pineapple
*favorite toys are his How Wheels track and launching car carrier, Perplexus Warp, Rescue Bots, Magna Doodle
*favorite food is pizza
*dislikes movies

The other day we took Elliott on a walk.  For some reason Elliott wanted to ride in the stroller and Andrew had to walk right next to him.  He kept patting Elliott's head, then he'd lean over and give him a kiss on the cheek, etc.  Mid-way through our walk he randomly says, "I love you Elliott." and Elliott says "I love you too Andoo." : )


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