Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween party at Elliott's school

On Friday morning (Halloween), I volunteered to help in Elliott's classroom for his Halloween party.  It was fun to see all the kids (all 16 of them...) together.  

I'd not really seen Elliott in class and I was curious how he acted.  He was pretty much exactly like he is at home. 

He was excited when he first saw me :) 

 He was doing silly things to get the kid's attention and saying "hey X, look at me doing Y!" 

He was one of the smaller kids in his class (but one of the younger kids too)

He was by far the fastest kid to say "cheese" for a group photo.  He loves cheesin' for the camera.

He was very vocal/opinionated with his comments during reading time.

He did things HIS way (the last one to finish snack and craft - and he refused to do the monster craft, he likes "happy things" so instead he made a pumpkin - he also intentionally threw all the bean bags over the pumpkin beanbag toss instead of through the pumpkin, he told me later he did it on purpose)....oh boy...



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