Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Elliott is 3.5 years old!

Elliott is 3.5 today!

*loves school
*favorite song is the ABC's
*always volunteers to help prepare meals and sort/fold/put away laundry (I love this!)
*loves to play Lego Star Wars ships and pretend he's a Tie Fighter or X-Wing, etc.
*loves his baby animals, sidewalk chalk, playing outside, bugs, animals, trains, transformers, books
*loves Rescue Bots and Sid the Science kid
*extremely generous and caring
*takes off his harness in the car seat when he's really mad at me (ugh, not happy about this one!)
*loves to build (legos, marble towers, train tracks, tinkertoys, etc)
*has picked up a lot of school skills from Andrew (counting to 36, writing his name, letters, etc.)
*suddenly started drawing, likes to draw cars
*very independent, outspoken, very silly
*has perfectionist tendencies, which is sometimes challenging, but with that, he's almost always right at the top of our behavior chart
*goes with the flow and happiest with other people
*we need to work on being a gracious winner and loser :)
*favorite sport is board games
*getting very details in his answers, I love hearing the daily preschool gossip
*terrible two's/thunderous threes has subsided significantly in the last 6 months, tantrums are infrequent now, but he does backtalk a little bit now!
*always by Andrew's side

Weight and Height:  ~32 lbs and he shot up to just shy of 40"!  He's ravenous.

Size:  3T pants, 3T and 4T shirts (and even a 5) that come straight out of Andrew's closet.  Size 9 shoe.  (All the same sizes as Andrew at 3.5...the clothes hand-me-down situation couldn't have worked out  more perfect.)

Sleep:  Falls asleep quickly around 7:00, up at 7:00, quite predictable.  He has a vivid imagination and occasionally has nightmares.  A few days ago he had a nightmare that his bed got all dirty!


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