Saturday, September 13, 2014

Andrew at Kindergarten

It's been a fun week!  I volunteered in Andrew's class for the first time, I got to eat lunch with him, and his class earned a special Pajama Day!

(from Pajama Day) He was so excited - he asked, sort of puzzled, "Mommy, Do I wear my pajamas on the bus?"

(in class) Listening to an audio book at one of their reading stations.  They have iPods in class, pretty cool.  He seemed to enjoy it!  When we were leaving class to go to lunch, he was funny about making sure I followed the rules just the right way.  I had to say the sight words of the week when exiting the room, stand just so in line, etc.

(eating lunch) I had a fun time eating lunch with the kids.  I bought my lunch like Andrew did that day (he buys once a week!) which was fun because I always bought when I was little.

Andrew and his friend Lila. (one of his NICU friends!)

This week he also got a certificate for singing a solo in music.  He loooves music class.


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