Saturday, August 2, 2014


We took the kids to a local church festival tonight (Setonfest) to hear Grandpa Don play his guitar in the band and have some dinner.  We had a gorgeous night for it!  It took me by surprise (and I didn't even bring my big camera!) when the kids both decided they wanted to ride some rides this year!  Love seeing how much fun they had!

The second Elliott saw this dragon roller coaster he had to ride it.  I was surprised but the kid knows what he wants. :) He was exactly tall enough to get on and had to sit in the front seat!  He was mostly straight-faced on the ride and later said it was too fast for him until next year when he is bigger :)

Andrew saw this blue side and was totally fired up.  He was also exactly tall enough to ride.  I wasn't sure if he'd get scared when he got up there, but he did it by himself!  He looked so little standing at the top!

They both loved the obstacle course/maze/fun-house thing.

Last they discovered the Ladybug ride.  It was both of their first times riding on a round that went around.  Andrew got really nervous and was going to change his mind until he discovered he could sit by Elliott :)


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