Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Night night my sweet boy! Here comes Kindergarten!

Andrew's all tucked in tight and ready for his big day of Kindergarten tomorrow!

He had orientation, the ice cream social, play date at the school playground with friends in his class, neighborhood party, and a slew of events leading up to the big start of school.  He is excited.  He doesn't seem to be the least bit nervous.

Orientation went well.  He happened to see a lady in the hall, met her, held her hand, told her about his new marbles, gave her a hug...later to find out it is his new teacher.  He seemed very pleased.  She said her reward system is really fun and motivating and involves "magic bubbles" (marbles)...if that isn't perfect!

He already knows a lot of the staff and seems comfortable at school!  I think his favorite part of orientation was when they got to try out the cafeteria line.  He didn't know where all the kids were going so he was ecstatic (squealing) when he came out of the door with a cookie in hand.  He was also excited about the snack list and already noted that Monday and Fridays are cookie days...I'm sensing a theme here...

(riding the bus with Ryan and I at orientation)

Ryan took a half day of vacation today and we took the boys to the Indiana State Fair to celebrate the last day of summer vacation.   (Here's one picture from today!)

I took a few Kindergarten pictures at his new school (of course I did) that I wanted to share, too!  I'd seen some inspiration pictures on Pinterest involving kids with stacks of books, so I decided to bring some of his favorites, along with some books from the NICU that he hasn't read in a few years.  The pictures here are of him reading Hippos Go Berserk, a gift from his great aunt and uncle, that we read to him so many times in his isolette.

I also took some of him on the playground.  He loves it and we spent a lot of time there this summer!

(pretty bummed this is so out of focus...I kept it anyway!)

With his biggest fan.  It's going to be an adjustment for all of us!


Georgy August 16, 2014 at 11:27 AM  

I especially love the pics of Andrew at school with the books. My oldest starts kindergarten in a few weeks and I'm browsing Pinterest trying to find cool 1st day pics. I may borrow this idea if you don't mind.

Kathy August 16, 2014 at 1:39 PM  

Of course, go ahead!

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