Friday, August 29, 2014

Indiana State Fair

$2 Tuesday at the fair coincided with Andrew's last day of summer vacation, so deciding how to spend our family day together was an easy choice!  The forecast was gross, storms on and off, but luckily the downpours were quick so we got to do most of what we wanted to do.  We had lots of fun this year, especially with both of the boys enjoying rides!

The first thing they spotted was this car ride.  We didn't watch closely and rain was coming, so we didn't realize this was more of a coaster (not a super slow kid ride) and it really flung the kids fast around the corners.  They were shocked at first but then both ended up loving it. :)

This was Elliott's favorite ride, the motorcycles.

Andrew went in the fun house himself!  (How much progress did he make in OT last year?!)  Elliott wasn't tall enough.

To compare to last year. (Elliott happens to be wearing the same shorts!)

Last year :)

Elliott's dream come true :)


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