Friday, August 22, 2014

first week of kindergarten

Andrew finished his first full week of kindergarten!  The first week he had a bit of an adjustment to a much much larger class, but this week he did really great!  He is loving it.

Things about the first week of school:

*At bed time I asked him if he wanted me to sing him a couple songs. "No, Mom.  I'm a Kindergartner now.  I can sing them myself."

*One day this week he brought home a picture of himself peeing in a urinal.

*He got to pick a prize today for getting a certain behavior rating all week!  He was so excited because he didn't earn one last week.

*When riding his bike in a figure 8 in the street, "Mommy!  I rode my bike in a figure 8! I'm filling your bucket!" I'm guessing he isn't so sure what a "bucket filler" means exactly...

*He loved art class more than gym class.

*Today he came home declaring he likes music more than both art and gym.

*He left his lunch box on the bus one day in his excitement to see Elliott and me.

*He loves a particular girl because he says, "I feel so happy."

*He bought his lunch for the first time yesterday.  His teacher helped him through it and he was so excited about spaghetti (one of his favorites) day when got home, although he said it was not enough food and he was starving.

*Even more exciting though was that he discovered the chocolate milk...

*He loves to run races at recess with a couple buddies.

*We've been hearing "No More Pie" a lot this evening...(from a boy who doesn't normally sing anymore!)
no-more-pie-aug2014-andrew from Kathy on Vimeo.


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