Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Andrew's 1st day of kindergarten

I'm so happy that Andrew had a great day today.

Way, way too cool for pictures.

After Andrew got on the bus, Elliott said, "But I want to be 5 now.  Awwww bummerrr" (cut pouty lip) he had quite a few melt downs today.

When he got home, he ran off the bus.  After a squeal and a hello, the first thing he said was, "We played in the gym today! I met a friend named Zane!!"

Other things he said:

"I met Mrs. O and she read us a story."

"There isn't anything I didn't like."

"My favorite part was reading a story and playing on the playground."

"I didn't miss Elliott because I had so much fun." (sorry little brother)

"A little boy named X was sad because he missed his Mom and Dad.  I told him that it's okay and that he'll see them in a little bit!"

"There were 100 kids in my class!!"

"There were too many kids up on the slide and they wouldn't let me go down the slide.  A little girl told me I could go."  Elliott says, "You need to hurry up and go faster up the ladder so you can get in line first and be the leader down the slide!"

He ate his whole lunch!

He made this today, noting that he made the writing line into a road...haha.


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