Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lake Cumberland - boating!

Here are the pictures from our day boating/swimming/tubing at Lake Cumberland!

Andrew's been extremely afraid of boats since about age 2.  This time he wasn't afraid and I loved the look on his face when we started to go fast!

(flashback..Andrew at 18 months...awwwww!!!)

little drivers

Elliott was quick to say he wanted to tube, but he didn't realize it was going to be pulled.  He was nervous for a split second and then smiled for a while, but then he was ready to be done.

After Elliott rode, Andrew changed his mind and wanted to try.  He was laughing and loving it the whole time! He kept telling my dad to go faster and he wanted to go over waves.

(We realized later these aren't towing approved jackets so we'll be getting new ones...:))

"Mommy I'm tired.  I'm just going to go to sleep right here."


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