Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Andrew at 5 1/2

This sweet boy turned 5 1/2 yesterday.

So lucky to be his mommy and love seeing him loving life.

Recent things Andrew enjoys are jumping in the pool, mini golf, ski ball, summer camp (seriously in love with it), tubing, monkey bars (he did his first 2 rungs today!  he's been really determined to figure it out), board games, and jumping off anything and everything (he thinks he is Superman!)  He's also been fired up about the summer reading program.

His favorite restaurant is Zionsville Pizzeria, favorite animal is the sting ray, he maintains that his favorite vacation was our Chicago trip to the Children's Museum and Shedd Aquarium.  Andrew is often found building hot wheels tracks or playing in the sand box.

He's become Mr. Social.  At the playground today he was over by the monkey bars with some kids we didn't know for a couple minutes and I want to check on him.  I hear "Come on Emily! I'll help you!" and "Way to go Sam! You did it!" :)


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