Monday, June 9, 2014

Sanibel - Beach Portraits

Since we went on a big vacation this year, we helped to recoup some of the cost by skipping family pictures.  (Yes, you probably know this was hard for me!)

My mom and I talked about it ahead of time and we decided to give some DIY pics a try.  I think that a certain one of my children (that may or may not start with an A) is totally impossible during family sessions, so I thought a while ahead of time how we might make it work.  

We handed a guy on the beach the camera for a group shot, it's always a little difficult counting on a stranger.  It was a little bright out but I think this turned out pretty good considering!

Luckily for me, my mom has a Canon Rebel - so she did the shooting - and the boys think Aunt Jessi is so funny, so we did a tag team shoot :) It worked out great.  I couldn't be happier! Thanks guys!!

Thanks to my family for putting up with my coordinating outfits and all my pictures :) 

The kids and their Godparents

Actually it was so easy, we did a few more a second night we were on the beach!  (Plus, I wanted to play with my wide angle lens!) 


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