Friday, June 27, 2014

Hippotherapy: a year in

Andrew's been doing hippotherapy for a year now!!  He had a new evaluation and is just doing phenomenal.  His list of goals is getting really short (I think he only has 1-2 goals now that are sensory/attention-related) and he'll probably be graduating soon.

Things Andrew has worked on in therapy and/or is able to do since being in therapy and being treated for anxiety:

  • Significantly improved handwriting & cutting
  • Able to fully dress & undress himself with ease including buttons and zippers (he couldn't at all before)
  • Drastic improvement in vestibular/propioceptive sensory systems, allowing him to enjoy all the things kids should be able to enjoy, such as:
    • bounce in a bounce house, float on a raft, swim, ride on a boat, ride on a tractor, go down a water slide, climb up and down a blow up slide, teeter totter, climb rock wall at the park, ride and pedal a bike, go water tubing, enjoy rides in the bike trailer
  • social anxiety has gone from pretty severe to almost non-existent

It took him most of the year to be able to do this comfortably :)


Kim June 30, 2014 at 3:51 PM  

That is awesome news! Go Andrew. I am so impressed at how many things you manage to fit in for him and how well he is doing.

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