Wednesday, June 18, 2014

All you need is love :)

On Saturday we went to my cousin's wedding (beautiful and so fun to see all of our family!) and had such a nice evening out!  Yesterday during the day, I got to spend the day with a couple friends having coffee, getting pedicures, lunch, shopping...that my sweet husband set up for my mother's day gift.  Then last night was our 8th anniversary and we went out for dinner (Thanks to my parents for babysitting).  It's been quite a great week and I'm feeling very blessed!  (I haven't been taking my camera because I didn't want to carry it!)

At the wedding: (thanks to my mom for the first picture!)

The kids ready for the wedding brunch on Sunday:

The most adorable nail shop where we got our toes done:

8 years ago:

We had a gift card to Prime 47 and we'd never been there...they'd asked if it was an occasion and they really wined and dined us!  :) The food and service was fantastic!

Love this guy!


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