Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sanibel - First day of travel

I'll have a series of posts coming up with our Sanibel pictures.  The pictures will be a combination of iPod pictures and pictures from my big camera. 

Our flight was at 1 pm on Saturday so we were able to take our time that morning.  We allowed a lot of time and parked at Fastpark (awesome if you haven't tried it) and everything went really smoothly. 

All of this travel business was so new to both boys.  They were first elated with the bus ride from Fastpark to the airport!

After we got through security we had time to kill.  We looked at the planes, rode the people mover like 5 times, and ate lunch. 

First look at the airport...lots to see. 

(The first time they spotted the planes!)

For the month prior we got some books & movies at the library about airports and flying.  Andrew was excited to see all of the things we read about. 

The people movers were a huge huge hit with Elliott.  

He refused help and face planted about 5 times getting on them (his backpack was heavy) until he figured it out.  Onlookers were giggling at him, but he eventually got the hang of it :) 

Andrew has anxiety and his doctor wanted to give him a little pill before the flight, which totally knocked him out cold.  Unfortunately he wasn't aware enough to enjoy the flight, but at least he did okay with it, so that was good.

We saw Uncle Mike at the terminal and got to sit with him! 

We landed in Fort Myers!  When the plane landed, Andrew looked out his window and said, "Mommy, this isn't Florida!" I think immediately expecting to see paradise. 


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