Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sanibel - The Condo

My Grandma so generously let us stay in her condo on our trip.  It was close to the pool and beach, comfy, and a quick walk from my parent's place next door.

Sun break!

Doing a new puzzle with Aunt Jessi

I was doing a Sudoku puzzle and Elliott came to see what was going on.  He was mimicking me putting his hand under his chin, too funny.

Best way to do Monday morning coffee.

The boys shared a room and did pretty well.  It was so funny to hear them laughing and talking before they fell asleep.

They woke up around 7 each morning ready to start the day. "Get up mommy!!!"

This picture was all Elliott.  They were sitting here and he asked to have their picture taken.  Andrew ran away and Elliott was pouting.  He went after him and told him to get back over there and take a picture. Haha.

The boys don't normally nap but they couldn't quite keep up with each other...

Ready for another adventure.  Let's go!


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