Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Elliott!!

Our littlest turned a big 3 years old today! (All pictures can be found here!)

At 3 Elliott is very very spunky, affectionate, animated, opinionated, social, fiercely independent, goofy (which would be the biggest compliment you could give him), imaginative, smart, and sensitive.  He is certainly vocal about his dislikes but is so easily excited and just loves life.

An example:  A couple of weeks ago I stripped all of our beds and changed his sheets.  They were gray and yellow and I change them to multi-color plaid.  He walked in and says, "Oh mommy!  I have new sheets!  I LOVE my colorful sheets!  Thank you mommy!!"  Something so little and he lights up!

Elliott loves: animals (stuffed or real), bugs, his big brother, swimming, riding his tricycle, being with family and friends, school, the zoo, Petco, puzzles, rescue bots, going to the creek, playing hide and seek, iPad, bubbles, the airport, the library, the colors yellow and green.

Elliott loves to be the center of attention and seems to be a bit of a ring leader.  Sort of funny to see someone so tiny have so much personality.  He also has gotten quite competitive lately.  It breaks his heart every time (he has no chance of winning yet) he loses in a running race with Andrew.

Another funny thing about Elliott is that with desserts, he always savors them.  It can take him an entire shopping trip to eat his bakery cookie or sometimes he'll even save it until we get home.

He can spell his name, he can count to at least 18?, knows most of his letters (occasionally mixes a couple up) and is starting to ask a lot of questions about words and phonics.  (Probably from hearing big brother talk about spelling.)  He still uses a few sound substitutions that sometimes make it hard for other people to understand him. He is doing great in underwear.  He sleeps with his door open because he is very scared of being alone but he is really mature about staying in bed unless he has to pee in the morning!  He has nightmares once in a while and really does not like being dirty.

With the opinionated + independent side of his personality meant something fierce in the tantrum department over the last 6+ months, but I've noticed lately he seemed to have a language surge again and his tantrums seemed to have somewhat fizzled.  He still falls apart at the silliest things, but he hasn't had an hour long tantrum in a while now.  Whew! :)

Elliott keeps us on our toes and we are so blessed with a little boy who is so sweet and makes us laugh every single day!

(Stats TBD at his dr appt, but he's wearing mostly 3T shirts/pants and 2T shorts) :)

Also, he was so excited to do this photo shoot.  When I told him he needed to wear this outfit at first he said "NO!" until I told him it was for his birthday photos.  Then he was all about it.  He had to help me pick out the spots. :)


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