Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Elliott's 3rd birthday parties

Elliott got 2 parties this year!  We had a small party in Florida (lucky duck!) with our family there, and then a little celebration at home on his birthday with our immediate family.  It was so low key, he got to wear his lounge pants all day, but he had a great time!

Here are some picture from our celebration in Sanibel.

On his birthday we had just gotten home from our trip, so we didn't have anything planned.  That morning we had some donuts with his birthday buddy (both turning 3) and families.

Face time with his Grandpa Jim and Grandma Beth!  The boys miss them and wanted to wish his other birthday buddy (Grandpa!) a happy birthday too.

We had lunch and presents at home with just the 4 of us that afternoon.  After tossing around literally like 20 theme ideas (trains, cars, chairs, birds, tables, dinos, dino racing cars, bunnies, haha...) he finally decided he wanted a Bob the Builder cake like Andrew had at his party.

So VERY excited about his new Lighting McQueen bell for his tricycle, and his new Rescue Bot.

And he got a new big boy Lightning helmet like Andrew too. (No more blue baby helmet.)  I think someone looks up to his big brother...he's been asking for one for like 2 months.

Andrew helped him read his cards.  I LOVE that Elliott asks Andrew to read them and not us. :)

His main present was a new scooter.  Both of them really love it.

I think he was most excited about his bell though.

He also really loved his balloons!

All of the pictures are here!


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