Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring is here!

Other than our Chicago trip, Easter, building our garden, many trips to Petco and the creek, riding bikes, and finishing up Elliott's big boy room, this is what we've been up to:

Andrew is having a ball.  I think he's like his mom, he needs fresh air.  He has been so very pleasant lately.

Sleeping.  Elliott's just had another really rough 2 months - sinus infection, turned ear infection, turned violent GI bug, turned croup this week...oh boy.  Poor kiddo.

Teetering (close enough in weight to pair up this year!)

Lots of relaxing (we are loving our fence!!!)

No caption needed.  Such a goofy happy kid!

Rainy day on the screened in porch. (Who needs pants?)

Taking up a new hobby - - - drawing and coloring.  He had zero interest before and he's having a ball with it.   It also really makes him relaxed!

My favorite drawing was when he drew himself in downtown Chicago (below).  Today he also drew himself at the beach, dreaming about his first trip to the beach.

Andrew spends about half of his free time playing in the sand box now

Visit with Grandma


Side walk chalk

All ready for school

Playing in the front yard, checking out flowers (Andrew remains very interested), and looking for bugs.

Bed time snuggles with Daddy

Worn out from all that fun


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