Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ryan built a vegetable garden!

Andrew really wanted a vegetable garden so Ryan added it to his list of things to build :) Andrew was so excited when he came home from school and it was almost done.  It looks amazing!

Watching Daddy do the last steps

If anyone is wondering it's approx 4x8' and cedar. 

Andrew got to use the real drill but I don't have pictures.  The boys love helping!

For now it's empty and the boys have been playing in it a lot.  (They are getting much too big for their sand box.)

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the ever-so-dramatic dual time-out. 

We can't wait to plant the garden.  Andrew asks all the time and tries to coordinate who's going to do what job.  He loves having an excuse to dig in the dirt, play in the water, and pick and eat when it's ready!


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