Thursday, April 3, 2014

Petco Zoo

The boys are a little obsessed with Petco.  I've been wanting to take my camera along for a while and finally did.  I admittedly felt silly following them around, but of course that wouldn't stop me.  I struggled with the light a bit (all my settings are totally maxed out) because it's quite dark inside and it was a gloomy day, but ultimately happy to have a few quite memories captured for their photo books!

I took a back seat during the trip, trying to be a fly on the wall to really capture what they do.

They love the birds.

I like that they were standing the same way :)

Conversing with the mice.

The cats are both of their very favorites.  I just couldn't narrow down this set.

The tongue out and arm around Andrew kills me.  So them!

Talking to the cat

Here Andrew is saying, "Come on Elliott!  Are you done looking at the cats? Do you want to go see the frogs now!?"

Cue jumping like frogs to go see the frogs...

and turtles!

Andrew also loves the snakes and keeps hoping they get another tarantula!


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