Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mini trip to Chicago - Shedd & Children's Museum

For part of his 5th birthday gift Ryan and I wanted to treat just Andrew on a big boy trip to Chicago :) December is busy and we didn't want to go when we had arctic cold, so we put it off until spring.  Ryan suggested going over spring break and we had a free day, so we went for it.

I had to take Andrew to nephrology in the morning but made it in to Chicago in the early afternoon.  We bought advanced tickets and walked to the Chicago Children's Museum as soon as we arrived.

(I wasn't sure about bringing the stroller but glad we did b/c we did a lot of walking.)

The entrance to the museum was really  neat.

Andrew really liked the museum.  His favorite exhibits were the bubbles & tinkertown.  I didn't think the museum was as impressive as our Children Museum in Indy, but I knew that going into it and he had a lot of fun.   He was so very excited b/c he loves museums.

pumping gas

digging for dino bones (this didn't hold his attention for more than a second)

playing with water and bubbles


building with real tools

After this we took a taxi (Andrew's first time, he loved it!) to Giorano's for pizza.  After that we made a quick stop at the Lego & Disney stores and went to our hotel to relax.

Putting together his new Legos

Relaxing with ipad before bed.

We asked Andrew if he wanted to go out for ice cream or go swimming in the hotel but he needed some down time, so we had a nice low key evening.  He did enjoy his Giordano's pizza in the hotel room :)

I woke up the next morning and I see Andrew, sucking his thumb, say "Mommy! You're awake!" and he hops out of bed.  He loooved the hotel room.

Telling me that we need to stay at the hotel another night.

I overheard him tucking his baby sheep in his bed.

After we got up and around we enjoyed the continental breakfast (big hit for a boy who has a big appetite!! I don't blame him, I've always loved them too!) and headed over to Shedd Aquarium.

Photo op!

He was SO excited (much more so than I expected) when I told him where we were going.  He likes the aquariums at the Indianapolis zoo ok, but he loved the Shedd.

He says his favorites were the sting rays and jellyfish.

We ate lunch and Andrew was having a great time but at his limit, so we decided to head back.

Hyper and silly - pretending to be a sting ray.  Jumping everywhere like a frog.

Andrew had spotted this little park, which was deserted, so we decided to hang out there for a little bit to relax before heading home!

We had so much fun!!  Andrew was so enjoyable and pleasant on our trip!

Heading home...

Bye bye Chicago!

extremely slap happy!!

Elliott had a great time with Grandma Julie and Grandpa Don (thank you!!!) and loved his little penguin souvineer :)

Click here to see all of the pictures.

Notes for any other mom's of kiddos with sensory issues:  Andrew did well on this trip but was definitely overstimulated after a couple of hours at both the museum and the aquarium.  I would definitely recommend only planning one thing each day unless maybe there is a longer rest/quiet time between activities.  24 hours was about right for Andrew and I think longer would have been difficult.  Next time I'd also skip the dinner at the restaurant I think, it was too much for him, and find out about having pizza in our room.


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