Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Over a month into potty training now

Elliott is doing really great!  He stayed dry at school this week and has been dry for a week now.  The week before he had one accident.  He also stayed dry during a long outing to the zoo, which was really windy and distracting.

He seems to really have the hang of it as long as we keep up on his special morning concoction (very diluted apple juice + miralax) :)  At home he just goes by himself when he needs to go and although I know he'll continue to have occasional accidents, he's to the point where I'm starting to assume he'll be dry for the most part.  I'm starting to leave his spare change of clothes in my car :)

He also has mastered peeing standing up, which he thinks is awesome.  It does make it easy!

He got a new train for staying dry at school yesterday:

Hard-earned peeps, a couple of weeks back:

From a while back.

He stayed dry all day and got to cash in his free junior frosty he got from his dentist for a good appointment :)


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