Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Elliott pedaling!!

It's warm out (at least until tomorrow) so we got the bikes out of the attic.  I was shocked that Elliott just hopped on and started pedaling.  He LOVES it.  He and Andrew both practiced an hour yesterday and were begging to ride again after their dentist appointment today.  Today they were both much smoother and both rode all the way down and up our street together.  Andrew seems to enjoy setting an example for little brother and encouraging him.  They both run about the same speed, so it's fun to see them learning together!

We tried the little training wheels bike today but it was a little tougher for him. 

Lots more pictures to come, of course. :) So proud of our little guy.  Right before I took this video, he wiped out but hopped right on and kept on going, unphased. (Good thing I spent about 20 minutes convincing him he had to wear a helmet, and not the Lightning  McQueen helmet...)


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