Monday, March 10, 2014

DIY sensory platform swing

A friend gave me the idea to get a sensory swing in our home.  Andrew loves it so much during therapy so it will be really great to have on the other days, especially rainy or snowy days!

We (Ryan and his dad, not me!) took a panel of our drop ceiling out and attached the adapter to the beam.  We purchased the adapter and it looks like this one.  I think this is the one we have.  We can slide the drop panel back in place if we take the swing down to put it away. (If we have a bunch of kids over.)

He swung for an hour last night before dinner while listening to music.  He was so relaxed!

Elliott liked it too!

Tip: The guys covered the piece of wood with a nice bath mat.  It was $10 and cheaper than carpet!

Andrew now has the idea to get a round swing next :)

More pictures can be found by clicking here.


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