Monday, February 10, 2014

Love Bug

Elliott is loving school so much.  He missed a ton in Nov thru Jan, but now that he's back, his teachers say he's suddenly talking a lot more and having cute little conversations with his class mates.  Every week he's able to tell me more about his day.

Today he was so excited about the Love Bug hat he made.  He was wearing it when I picked him up.

He is very proud of his school.  He is becoming best buds (according to him, and his teachers said they are so cute together!) with a particular little boy.  He said that this little boy is his best buddy at school is funny and he likes to play cars.  He told me another little girl likes to play little people, and another little girl stole his paper.  Also both of his teachers are nice.   He's always excited to tell me about his craft and the food he ate. It's fun to hear what he has to say!


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