Tuesday, February 11, 2014

First attempt at potty training Elliott & first broken bones

A month ago I was curious to see what Elliott would do so I put him in underwear for 1/2 day.  He wasn't excited, maybe a little resistant to wearing the underwear, and when he would pee he was totally indifferent and disinterested.

On Monday, Elliott started to tell me after he wet his diaper; immediately wanted his diaper changed.  I think he's a bit young, especially for a boy, but decided to see if he was giving me some clues that he was ready. We had 2 free days in a row (rare) so we went for it.

He has never peed on the potty before, but today I put him in underwear when he woke up.  This time, he was very very proud to wear his Thomas undies.

We camped out all day - as close to the bathroom as we could feasibly do so - to try to maximize his success starting out.  He started off the day completely clueless, but very quickly started to catch himself.  After about a dozen pairs of underwear (the kid is a chugger!)...this afternoon and evening rolled around, he has told us each time he needed to go and stayed dry.  He loved when Andrew cheered him on.

Now he thinks he is a big shot and now has to do it all without help.

We'll see how tomorrow goes.  We have appointments Thursday & Friday, so if he's still interested at that point, he'll be challenged.  Either way, I'm very proud of his progress in just one day!!!

If that and his big boy bed isn't enough new stuff going on, he has his first broken bone(s) - he broke 3 bones on the top of his foot. Ouch.  He has been limping for 2 weeks now and hope it improves soon!


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