Sunday, February 23, 2014

Elliott - 2 yr + 9 months

Elliott is 33 months (as of Feb 18th)!  He is just fully of personality and loves life.  He's outspoken, animated, a little cautious, and affectionate.  We are working on sharing and he can be a bit bossy as well :) 

Weight and height: I think he had a growth spurt, but my best guess is 36" and 28 lb. 

Size:  wears some 2T and some 3T (!!) pants.  2T and 3T shirts.  Size 8 shoe with room to grow.  Size 2T-3T undies.  Yep, undies.

Sleeping:  He has a rest time with Andrew (12:30-2) but almost never needs to nap.  It is nice in that we can do more fun things as a family if we want to!  We take him up for bed at 7.  He sleeps around 12 hours.  He occasionally has nightmares.

Words & Sounds:  Talks in sentences.  Speaking quite clearly now...if we repeat an incorrect sound back to him he's pretty good at fixing it!  Still sometimes difficult for strangers to understand what he says, but several strangers lately have commented that his annunciation was excellent!  Sometimes he reacts and melts down prior to using his words so we keep reminding him..."use your words!" :)

Potty training: Doing fantastic.  I'm pretty impressed.

Milestones:  This was such a big 3 months.  He has all his teeth.  HOORAY!  Done napping.   Potty training.  Walks up stairs without holding the railing!  First best friend at school.  Sleeps in a big boy bed and loves it.  First time sledding.  First specialist visit to ENT.  First broken bones - 3 in his foot.  Experiencing nightmares.  

I'm going to eliminate the teething, potty training, eating, sleeping, and words & sounds sections of this post.  Basically, he's growing up.

Elliott dislikes:  
-Reflux - he's back on a high dose of medication after lots of infections and gagging.  It seems to be helping!
-If you do ANYTHING for him, unless he asks.
-Being interuppted during a task.  He needs to complete what he's working on.
-Changes in routine.
-Hair cuts but he is getting better

Elliott loves:
-His brother, his family, his animals who go with him all around the house
-trains, cars, dinos, puzzles
-being told he is "wacky" or goofy
-to be affectionate, willingly gives hugs and kisses.  likes to play "kissing bug"
-iPad, Thomas, Jake & the Neverland Pirates
-playing chase or hiding
-eating and he loves his drinks.  
-the song "5 little Monkeys jumping on the bed" 
-bubbles, games, puzzles, stomp rockets, library, children's museum

A recent story...

We were driving in the car the other day. Andrew was sucking his thumb listening to music.  
Elliott to Andrew, "Do you like this song, Andrew?"
Andrew has no answer. 
"Andrew! Do you like this song!?" (pause)
"ANDREW!!"  THUMB OUT!!!! Do you like this song?!?!"
Andrew: "I do like this song!"
Elliott: "Me too! I like it!"

When I went to get him out of his bed this morning, he was pretending he was a puppy (he told me) and licking his giraffe stuffed animals.

A favorite thing of mine that he does right now is say "It makes me funny!!!" when something makes him laugh.


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