Monday, February 17, 2014

A week in

We're a week in since we started potty training.  I'm very excited to say that despite a very busy week (trips to the hospital for appointments, to the museum, to a birthday party at a bounce place, to a sleepover at grandma's, play dates, hippotherapy, out to dinner) Elliott has done pretty well with his potty training.

Even with a diaper still on, he'll wake up most mornings and say "Mommy! Take my diaper off! I have to go!!  Hurry!" and run in the bathroom.  He has had days where he's been dry all day and other times not.  He's extremely independent, taking his own undies on & off, and has no problem going in public restrooms which is awesome.

He seemed to have a bit of a setback Saturday with so much stimulation and he's not quite been himself, so today we stuck around the house again.  Being at home is much easier and I pump him full of fluids, allowing for extra practice :) He only had 1 accident and he seemed to have a renewed motivation this afternoon, telling me he had to go much sooner and 4 times throughout the evening.

He isn't quite getting the attention that Andrew got during this process because I'm trying to juggle a lot more, but I think he's handling it like a champ and we'll keep at it!

His limp seems to be slowing improving as well, and his pediatrician significantly increased his reflux medicine today, so hopefully those things will only help his overall mood :)


Miranda February 17, 2014 at 9:21 PM  

Good job E!! Hope to have Abigail in the same resort soon! Ps. I love how light and airy your pictures are. <3

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