Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Some Daily Tidbits

Today in the car on the way to the library

Me: "Guys!  We're going to the Carmel library to pick out some new books."
Andrew: "We can play trains! And beads!"
Me: "Yep, if you're good!"
Elliott: (little peanut gallery from the back seat of the car) "No pushing...no hitting...."
Andrew: "And no pinching!  (pause)  But, we can hug!!"

Saturday morning

(Elliott is crying in bed)
Me:  "What's wrong? Does something hurt?"
Elliott:  Thinks for a minute...."My eyebrows hurt. Kiss dem?"
(I kiss one)
Elliott" "Kiss diss one too!"
(I kiss the other)
Me: "Does that feel better?"
Elliott: "Yes!!!!"
(It turned out he was actually upset because he'd read all his books and wanted a new one)

One morning last week

Me: "How did you guys sleep last night?"
Andrew: "Good!!"
Elliott in serious tone: "I'm not a guy.  I'm a boy."
Me: "How did you boys sleep last night?"
Elliott: "Good!!"

From August

Andrew's letter at school today was "M", so I asked him, "What words start with M?"  Expecting him to say Mom first, he says "Maserati".  Cars on the brain.  always.

Andrew swinging on his swing set for the first time 

"This is the best swing set I have ever seen.  Swinging makes me so happy, Mommy!"

The brainwashing begins (from August)

Elliott and I were reading a Thomas book and I asked him what the conductor (who was hanging his arm awkwardly out the window) says.  Expecting him to say "All aboard!" he said "Boiler up!"

Brotherly love (from August)

Ryan was taking Elliott up to bed one night and Andrew says, matter-of-factly, "Night night, Elliott.  I'm building a race track and you're going to bed."


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